SINGING: And Awww Lawwwd. Hey babies! This is Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson. Well, here I am on sumpin' called "blogging." When I was a young gull, blogging was what up it you had ef somebuddy was standing in your way and wern't move out of the way. Nigh, my grandbabies say blogging means sumpin'  diffRent altogether. So let's get to it.

      What I want to tawk about is these here doctuhs. Fergit about the spellings heah. I write jes lack I tawk it. So say it out loud ef you haf too. I'm jes saying. Anyhigh, have anybuddy notice that when you take sick and you go to the doctuh they always end up in the same place? I'm SEARS! You go in to have a knot on the back of yo nake looked at and fore you git out of the Zamination room you watch n' see don't they end up looking at yo hind end. It happens errytime!

Nigh there's always a life lesson in most thangs I figure. So wid the doctuhs, it all goes back to the fact that when somebody comes in wid a symptUm, you gut to find the cause of it afore you can treat it. Nigh I ain't nobuddy's doctuh. But I have lunned jes from living that a lot of problems start in the hind end. Well, it's either that or most folks is full of mess.

This could be what's making people all over the country ack crazy! I usually get to feeling better dranking Valerian Tea wid a little cod liver oil in it. It still didn't help though. My dermatologist is up to the same tricks. She even sent a card here through the mail inviting me to come in for a free "Botox" evalYation. They always want to look at yo hind end. Lack I said most folks is full of mess. I guess is having the guts to jes trust God to see us through the mess in life.
Aw, He can do it. If you let Him. Turn loose! I'm Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson and I  'prove this message.

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