You know errybuddy wants somebody or something . When you really set dine and thank about it. We all purty needy ef you ask me. We spend all our life in this heah whirl doing thangs that we are expected to do at a certain age. Tweent berth and toddler we want something to eat and somebody to hug us. Tweent being a teenager we want to look the best and have the best so we can be accepted by the erthers. We want it even though they don't like us anyhigh! Long about that same time, we want somebody to like us enough to take us out on a date. Next thang you know we wanting to marry us so we can want thangs together. Then we fuss and argue with each erther when we find out our mate don't want what we want. Even the ones that want what we want, don't want it the way we want it for as long as we want it. Some of the thangs we want confuse us cause we git it all twisted and tangled up in feelings that don't have nothing to do with the reality. It's that way with politics,  who gets paid the most merney, how they deciding who gets the jarb, and what kinda chittlins they'll sell you. And, it's all traced back to people wanting  somebody or something all the time. Sistah Willie Ruth got two answers to solve this. Nembah one #You Need Jesus! Nembah Two: Take Yourself Out!  Ef you got Jesus you already got power within in you. Gwone nigh.
I'm Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson. And, I 'prove this message.