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Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson and Tyler Perry in a Movie?

Posted by sherre Bishop on Sunday, June 17, 2012, In : PRAISE ALERT-Daily Dose of Sistah Willie Ruth's Laughter 

Calling all fans! We need your vote to help send America's beloved Big Mama to Hollywood, Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson, the church lady. Well er. . .its not Hollywood, more like Atlanta. Tyler Perry launched a contest in search of one winner for a walk-on role in one of his upcoming movies.

We can think of 10 top reasons why you should send Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson to represent!


1.    The movies need more Christian comedy.

2.    The contest requires votes daily to keep her in the runni...

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They Tricking Me!

Posted by sherre Bishop on Monday, June 11, 2012, In : PRAISE ALERT-Daily Dose of Sistah Willie Ruth's Laughter 
A gull called me yestiddy and say, "Sistah Willie Ruth, we have you down for an appointment for day after tomorrow at 10:30." People will try to trick you. I say appointment? High merch is the rent on it? And, high many bedrooms is it? She skipped rat over that and say, "Jes brang wid you $98 and make sho you drink all the dranks we give you." It was awful nice of them to gimme a case of Gatorade and some sort of powdered Koo-LAX. She say don't eat nerthing either, just drank the dranks. So I...
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The Real Tea Baggers

Posted by sherre Bishop on Monday, November 7, 2011, In : PRAISE ALERT-Daily Dose of Sistah Willie Ruth's Laughter 

So do ya'll know "Ellie"? Okay, lemme hep you wid this. I'm talking bout former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. This gull once said, "A woman is like a tea bag. You never can find out how strong she is until she gets into hot water."

This gull come up hard. He diddy stayed gone for months at a time, working and during whatever. Her merther stayed depressed and was real pretty. Ellie were not pretty. Well, she wern't ERGLY (my merther say that's not nice). But let's jes say she was like my favori...

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Birth Certificate

Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson, Gospel Comedienne Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson was born in Ibedarn, Alabama a three-street stretch of land just over the Tennessee line. She says she won't share when she was born because, "taint nern ya bidness and don't ask me 'bout no birth certificate, lessen you want to show yo own!" She is one of five children born to the late Wilhemina and Willie Ray, Johnson, Sr. Her siblings are: Willie Pearl, Willie Esther, Willie Ada Lou, and Willie Lucille. Willie Ruth is next to the youngest. From an early age, she felt "called" to the job of "pruning." She declares that she has a gift at cleaning the sin off of chittlins. She won 1st place as the most proficient chittlin' cleaner at the 100 Church Chittlin March in 2009. Besides that award, she is most proud of her successful campaign of having speakers installed in all church bathrooms nationwide. She is seeking grant money to do environmental safety research to find out if water fountains are connected to the same pipes leading from toilet water pipes in restrooms. To donate or book her please email: or call her scheduler: C. M. Pillow Scheduler 615.642.0064.

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