So do ya'll know "Ellie"? Okay, lemme hep you wid this. I'm talking bout former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. This gull once said, "A woman is like a tea bag. You never can find out how strong she is until she gets into hot water."

This gull come up hard. He diddy stayed gone for months at a time, working and during whatever. Her merther stayed depressed and was real pretty. Ellie were not pretty. Well, she wern't ERGLY (my merther say that's not nice). But let's jes say she was like my favorite housecoat. It's wouldn't win no beauty contest but it's got character and you gotta lerve it. Anyhigh, tweent her diddy gone all the time and her merther depressed they finally died and left this gull a orphan. Her grandmerther took her in and sent her on to college. She didn't give up. She keppa moving. She is remembered today for the very thang God showed her wid her life. What I mean is: she could rub noses with the rich folks and hold hands with the po folks all at the same time and didn't care what nobody say bout it! SINGING: And Awww Lawwwd! I'm a strong woman fer God too. In fact, I'm bout to git me a teabag and set my hind end in a tub of hot water rat nigh! SINGING: AND Awww Lawwd. That's tea bagging. What you know 'bout this? Awww He can do it. If you let Him. Turn loose. I'm Sistah Willie Ruth Jonson and I 'prove this message.  {Church programs, musical programs, pastor's anniversaries, celebrations, family reunions, birthday parties, comedy events, fundraisers, --Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson is the perfect 'something different' for your event. Book today at 615.642.0064.