A gull called me yestiddy and say, "Sistah Willie Ruth, we have you down for an appointment for day after tomorrow at 10:30." People will try to trick you. I say appointment? High merch is the rent on it? And, high many bedrooms is it? She skipped rat over that and say, "Jes brang wid you $98 and make sho you drink all the dranks we give you." It was awful nice of them to gimme a case of Gatorade and some sort of powdered Koo-LAX. She say don't eat nerthing either, just drank the dranks. So I figured it would be intelligentsia of me to not eat. Cause when I get full, I can't thank too good. 'Specially when um bout to sign a contraction and stuff. I guess it upset my stomach cause I was setting in a cheer minding my own business and I heard something say, shhish, clanga-loom...FOOOP! I lit out straight for the bathroom. I lost everything 'cept my naval cord. So I thanked God for that. I was really looking forward to moving cause over in the night, somebody musta broke in on me while I was sleeping. Really! Cause while I was sleeping I heard some of them Chinese people tawking and one of 'em knocked on the walls of my belly, say: "Pooo-ARRR, flimsy, flim-flim. Gitchy Poo-ARR,flimsy, flim-flim. FOOP." I learned during the night it's best to light out for the bathroom at the first croak of these people talking in yo belly. I made a note to give that lady a piece of my mind bout this drank.

So come that day, I went in to see the apartment. I was tired from running by foot and intestational system. It was a relaxing place and all. They even gimme a special gown and tole me I could lay down if I wanted to. I was tied anyhigh from being excited bout the apartment and all. Then I went  and fell asleep. SINGING: And awww Lawwwd. Honey I don't know if I had been slaint in the spirit or if I done had a baby. Somebody tricking me! The devil shole is busy. 

Chile' the last thang I saw afore I fell asleep was a tube, a television screen, and a plunger. The man in the white coat had a pirate's patch over one eye, with a T-shirt that said, "bring me yo booty!"  This lady 'sposed be showing me an apartment and they run a tube through my nose back through my intestational system and tried to steal my navel cord, I guess. It was all I had left! I believe they got my liver. What dis world coming too? See this is why we got to be on post as soldiers of the Lord. They'll try to trick you if you don't be on the lookout. We have to trust in the Lord. Awww He can do it, if you let Him. Turn Loose! This is Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson and I 'prove this message.