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DVD -  #00911 "Just Between Me & God"

Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson opened for headliner, Jonathan Slocumb at a Stellar Awards weekend comedy show at Cathedral of Praise church in Nashville. Missed it? Don't worry.

Order this DVD featuring approx. 30 minutes of Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson sharing her comedic wisdom as only she can do in her DVD, "Just Between Me & God."    Only $15


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AUDIO: Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson CD (audio only)  COMING SOON

Stage Play - Sistah Willie Ruth's Wedding, "He Can Do It!"

$ 20.00 USD

The hilarious original stage production. Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson's much anticipated wedding is a star-studded affair that attracted 2,000 people in two shows. Local top artists featured include Benita Washington, The Marable Twins, Kristie Sibley, and Wun Voice. Two disc-set.

DVD (videotape) Available now! $20.00 USD

DVD- "From the Motherland to the Promised Land"

$ 15 USD

*Price includes shipping costs within the U.S. only, addt'l cost for overseas.) NOTE: DVD WORKS BEST ON COMPUTERS.

#0FTMLTP - From the Motherland to the Promised Land  -  From the slave hollers to the drone of Negro spirituals, this highly requested, award-winning one-woman show, retraces the rich history of the African American worship experience. During the performance Sherre Bishop takes the audience on a visual journey and is transformed into different characters as she “sings,” “picks” cotton, "preaches," works in the “big house,” etc.  When she launches into an old time devotional service that has engaged audiences so much that they finish her sentences and many have shouted and joined in with her. People of all ages have clapped their hands, cried, stomped their feet, and laughed during this performance. Audiences are treated to a trip back through the strong faith of generations. Hosting your next program just got easier! Book a LIVE PERFORMANCE. "Motherland is great for a live performance during your Black History Month Celebration, Cultural Heritage programs, Juneteenth or any time of year for "edu-tainment."  - $15.00 (price includes shipping).


Pick #2 - Choose 2 of Sistah Willie Ruth's select items.

Pick #3 - Choose 3 of Sistah Willie Ruth's select items.

GIFT PACK:: a chittlin bucket loaded with 3 of Sistah Willie Ruth's product (DVD, CD, book and in a silk floral arrangement, and a customized, autographed card from Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson.  COMING SOON!


DVD - "Just Between Me & God"

$ 15 USD

#010911 - Enjoy this Stellar Award Weekend Performance as Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson takes the stage as the opener for award-winning, comedian Jonathan Slocumb.

Approx. 30 minutes of hilarious wisdom from Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson as only she can give it! Order today! Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Price on this special includes shipping & handling.

T-Shirt (select choice below)

$ 10.00 USD

#0IHJ090111 -Everyone--even Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson is in the hands of Jesus. (Only size SMALL in stock at this time). White T-shirt only. $10.00

#0ILJ090211 - I love Jesus T-shirt with Sistah Willie Ruth's signature motto: "He can do if you let Him. Turn loose! (White T-shirt) Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. $10.00

 T-SHIRT: T-shirts are like cell phones. You just can't remember what you do without them. Great conversation piece than a Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson Tshirt. SINGING: And Aww Lawwed" Quality t-shirt bears the battle cry"He can do it if you let Him."

I Love Jesus - "I love Jesus" Tshirt sizes available are large and 2X.      Item - OILJ090111   $10.00

In the Hands of Jesus - This one was so popular, we only have size small in stock at this time.  SINGING: and awww Lawwwd                                Item# -0IHJ090211  $10.00


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