About Us

Funny just got funnier! If you are looking for "something different" for your event or program--invite comedienne Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson. Great for icebreakers, comedy, or a tailored twist on your product or service. She is also a great speaker and speaker coach as herself. Ask about our combination budget saver.

Only God could send forth a revival of America's beloved Big Mama for such a time as this. Enter Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson, "The First Lady of Christian Comedy."

This buxom church lady brings the best of memories of Big Mama and is a clear runner-up for character comedians such as Tyler Perry's Madeah, Martin Lawrence's Big Momma, Ricky Smiley's Bernice Jenkins and legends like Moms Mabley, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, and Phyllis Diller.

Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson is the alter-ego of Sherre Miller Bishop, a cancer survivor and a news reporter-public relations exec-turned gospel comedienne. When not sharing the gift of laughter as a comedienne, she is coaching speakers, using her signature WOW factor technique. She travels the country and is on fire for God sharing the medicine and ministry of laughter. "Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson's battle cry says it all, "He Can Do It If You Let Him. Turn Loose!"


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