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From the Motherland to the Promised Land is the ideal solution for a church or organization in need of something big for Black History Month or any event celebrating history. It requires little work on your part. We bring the show with us!

It's more than a show, it's an "experience," as Sherre Miller Bishop takes you back throught the African American worship experience from the slave fields to the Big House to the Dr. Watt hymn and prayer service in early Black church. Don't have time for planning, practices and rehearsals? Just book the show and we'll take care of the rest. Read more below about performance. Got questions? 615.642.0064

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From the slave hollers to the drone of Negro spirituals, the ‘Motherland performance retraces the rich history of the African American worship experience. Sherre Miller Bishop is a Tennessee-based dramatist who travels across the country sharing the historical dramatization. She describes the performance as an experience more than a stage performance, “People of all ages have clapped their hands, cried, stomped their feet, and laughed during this performance. It’s a heart wrenching, inspirational story of more than history. It’s all about the faith and the indomitable spirits that emerge from having faith in God.”


During the performance Bishop sings, “picks” cotton, "preaches," works in the “big house,” etc.  At another interval, she launches into an old time devotional service. Audiences are treated to a trip back through the strong faith of generations.

The original monologue, From the Motherland to the Promised Land has taken Bishop from coast to coast performing for groups as large as 10,000. Bishop’s one-woman show earned her a trip to Hollywood in 2005 to perform as a featured winner in the Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival (LAWTF), an annual festival that showcases women who perform one-woman shows.

The flexibility of the performance allows for varied formats to include a stand-alone dramatic performance, a featured performance, and performance lecture format with post performance discussion. The length can be adjusted from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. The ideal length is approximately 30-45 minutes. 

*Talent travels from Nashville, Tennessee, usually with one assistant.

Got questions? Email:

sherrewrites@yahoo.com or call 615.642.0064



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