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COMEDYAw-w-w-w He can do it! If you let Him. Turn loose. I’m Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson is a Christian comedian. "He can do it. If you let Him. Turn 'loose!” That’s the battle cry America's beloved big mama, "Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson." She's loveable and unforgettable. She's as country as the legendary Minnie Pearl, quick-witted as Moms Mabley, and just plain old, side-cracking, funny in her own right.

It's a roller coaster ride full of fun with this comedienne. One minute she's cracking you up with her jokes and antics, the next minute she might just break out into a song, or start a line dance with attendees. You just never know. But it's all in good, clean, family-friendly fun.

Featured on more than a dozen radio stations nationwide (((and counting))), the colorful, funny lady uses her trademark home-spun comedic wisdom to share the healing medicine of laughter. She's a fun, unique addition to corporate events, comedy shows, parties, showers, anniversaries for all occasions corporate icebreakers to church celebrations. And YES, she can tailor her material to your industry or organization's event to make it a seamless, well-oiled machine of a program! If you are planning an event that you want to be memorable. Don't forget to book, "Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson."



Choose from one of Sistah Willie Ruth's comedic adventures with a Christian message, a standup comedy set.

Don't want comedy? Ask us about the award-winning, historical one-woman show, "From the Motherland to the Promised Land." Visit "Motherland" on this site.


Sherre is a dynamic speaker and storyPRENEUR. Treat your attendees to her tailored presentations on finding your voice through the power of storytelling. 

Have your dreams been hijacked? Book Sherre to speak or for private coaching sessions to become a better speaker or to just explore your fears and find your voice. 

A popular prison maxim is: “Don’t serve time. Make time serve you.” Life experiences can make you bitter or better. Emotional imprisonment is as bad as a life sentence and a death penalty. Your thought life is hijacked training to live in a self-contained world with it’s own set of rules, cultural etiquette and sometimes danger because it can choke the life out of you just like a death penalty. 

The battle is between your ears. The bumps on your journey are life experiences. They can either make you bitter or better. How has the battle between your ears and the bumps on journey blocked you from moving forward. How have the battle and the bumps imprisoned you and hijacked your potential for success?

Through personal experience, Sherre Bishop has mastered the tools to harness the power of the mind by changing your mindset to adopt strategies to achieve success. Do you want to be a better speaker for your occupation (minister, corporate professional, sales presenters, etc. Speech writing assistance is also available). Here's what one client said about her service: "Sherre is one of the most affordable speaker coaches around. Her WOW technique, helped me take my speaking to another level."

More about Sherre:

In the arts industry, a cheesecake is one who bears multiple talents. Sherre Bishop is a speaker, comedienne, dramatist and author. She was a speaker and comedienne from birth. In fact, Sherre could have been listed in the World Book of Guiness as she probably got more “time-outs” that any school-age child in America. But there must have been a divine plan. The class clown who was “smart” but “talked too much” now gets paid to talk and make people laugh. Based in the “Music City USA,” aka the country music capitol of the world, Sherre counts it a blessing to share her unique custom blend of healing, wholeness and humor.  

Besides being a standup character comedienne, Bishop's professional skill set includes broadcasting professional, voice-over talent, singer, and corporate speaker. She is the “go-to” speaker for organizations seeking topics that require a letting go expert on topics related to letting go ( She also has extensive background in TV and radio news includes stints in Milwaukee, Raleigh, Memphis, Nashville, and as a local stringer for the Washington-based BET News. Sherre suffered a setback in her ministry in 2009 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But she emerged from the experience with a renewed mind and strengthened determination to use her ephiphany life lesson to help others remove emotional barriers to achieving life balance and success.  Her battle cry is one apropos for an amazing let go guru: MAKE TIME SERVE YOU. GET OUT OF THE PRISON OF YOUR MIND. LEARN HOW TO LET GO.

DRAMA/The one-woman show:

Historical - one woman show, "From the Motherland to the Promised Land." An award-winning, musical chronology of the African American worship experience. Audiences journey through history as Sherre is transformed through slavery to the early church singing, picking cotton, preaching and more. It's more than a performance. It's an experience!

The first step to making your event memorable is to book your date for Sherre to perform or speak. Please specify whether you want Sherre or her alter ego, comedy character or both. The next step is to fill out the Pre-Program Survey. Within Entertainment Group will always handle your questions and interests in a professional manner. To ensure that Sherre brings you and your organization a superior show, we’ve provided details below relative to Sherre’s performance. So, be sure to check out the links on this page to assist you with the booking process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:


Booking Coach Sherre to speak:


Call:  Within Entertainment:  615.642.0064

Book Coach Sherre for coaching services


Booking Comedienne Sistah Willie Ruth Johnson


Call: 615.642.0064

PERFORMANCE AREA: A raised performance area is preferred (stage, pulpit, or 4 X 4 platform). The platform is usually used in hotel ballroom events in a strategic location for viewing from the audience and the head table. A lighted performance area is also critical to optimal viewing.

MICROPHONE: Lavaliere microphone. A headband model is first choice; tie tac clip on lavaliere is second choice. Sherre CANNOT use a handheld microphone while performing. For speaking engagements (non dramatic performance events), a microphone on a podium is preferred. Consult with Sherre before making final selections. Workshops: if Sherre is presenting, please have a VGA adapter to hook to her laptop for her Powerpoint usage.

LIGHTING: A well-lit performance can make all the difference. Please make sure the pre-approved performance area is well lit. Direct or track lighting is usually over the stage in hotel ballrooms for banquet functions with audience lights turned down or off during the performance. Church pulpit areas are usually sufficiently lit. Also lighting can be rented. Search your local yellow pages under “stage lighting” for the best pricing options. Consult with Sherre before making final selections.

AUDIO PERSON: The show’s sound effects are on CD and cassette (Sherre’s assistant will work with your audio person to ensure that audio is satisfactory). Discuss your audio setup prior to Sherre’s arrival so we know what to secure.

MUSICIAN: (APPLIES TO ONE-WOMAN SHOW ONLY) A musician will play brief excerpts from two songs at the end of the performance. If you choose to economize by using your own musician, ask your musician to contact Sherre at least 14 days BEFORE the event, and at least 48 hours BEFORE the event to schedule rehearsal time.

DRESSING AREA: A private dressing room with private restroom access is preferred. Sherre requires time alone before her performance. This time is very important as this is time she uses for meditation.

HANDOUTS: For speaking engagements ONLY, Sherre will provide a master set of materials in advance for duplication –depending on the agreement and/or needs.

PRODUCTION SALES: Pending mutual agreement, Sherre can provide products to be sold following her performance. Please provide two chairs and one 6-foot table.

TRAVEL: Travel arrangements are needed for two--Sherre plus one assistant. Sherre prefers to fly on jets and nonstop flights when possible. TIP: Experience has taught us to have Sherre arrive the day before her performance.

LODGING: Usually one room and one overnight stay is required. Double-bed, non-smoking room is preferred.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Sherre does not usually eat before performing and she prefers alone time before performing. Just water and occasionally plain crackers, peanut butter, or hot tea with lemon (fruit is optional) . When meals are provided, please make arrangements to have Sherre’s food delivered to her hotel room or boxed for her to take with her. Her no-no lists Includes anything with yellow food coloring. It usually says on the label “yellow # 5.” It’s found in yellow cheese, store bought cakes, and some sodas like Mountain Dew. She can have butter, banannas—things that are naturally yellow and not dyed.

For tips on how to economize your programs, go to FAQs

Event Planners, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Sherre's performances and services. For your convenience, we have provided the answers to those questions below. Save time by checking this list before contacting us with your question.

I don't see the answer to my question on this page, now what?
Use the one of our inquiry forms, appropriate to your interests. We generally try to respond immediately and within three days. Emailing is generally the fastest way to get a reply.

For speaker/coach questions: email 

For comedy: email

Where will Sherre be performing next?
Visit the homepage at, to see the most current schedule. You can always stay up-to-date, as well by signing up for the newsletter.

What does Sherre charge for performances or speaking engagements?
Honorariums vary. It depends on which performance or speaker participation you're interested in, length of time spent, the number of attendees, travel involved, dates involved, and other logistics associated with your event. Click the PRODUCTS link to get a quote. We will do our best to meet your budget needs.

May I record or videotape or audio record any of Sherre's performances?
No. The long answer is videotaping is prohibited unless written permission has been provided by us through an agreement made prior to the event. Media can record excerpts for news or promotional purposes audio or video recording of performances are prohibited. Still shots are permitted during the performance. But please no audio or video recording.

Why can’t we videotape the performance?
We sell DVDs of most of our performances. Besides, if everyone made their own videotapes we could not earn support our work.

Can we give you a topic to tailor your presentation to our event?
Yes. Sherre has delivered many presentations of this nature. Even her comedy can be tailored to your event to make for a seamless event. Event planners LOVE it when Sherre makes them shine!

How can I economize my program?
• Take advantage of airline promotions to cut travel costs. We can help with this.
• Combine some of Sherre’s services. Sponsor a two-day event and feature Sherre in a dual role as guest SPEAKER and featured COMEDIENNE, rather than booking two different people and save on travel and hotel costs.
• Invite other organizations to collaborate with you.
• Promote the event citywide and to surrounding areas to increase your participation and to assist with expenses. Use the tools found in the event planning guide. It includes sample press releases, and public service announcements to increase awareness of your event or program.

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